Space play a crucial role in the future of Europe. These selected policy briefs, documents and materials provide information, data and advice on the role of space science in society and the role of education and outreach in the future of the European Space Community.

The future of the EU space sector

The study reviews access-to-finance conditions met by companies active in the European space sector and proposes potential solutions to improve them.

European Investment Bank

Public consultation

Public consultation on a Space Strategy for Europe to obtain stakeholder views on the policy priorities, challenges and opportunities that could shape a future Space Strategy for Europe. (2016, updated 2017).

European Commission

Space Strategy for Europe

European Commission proposal for a Space strategy for Europe focused on four strategic goals (2016).

European Comission

Growth in the space sector

Communication from the European Commission on EU space industrial policy releasing the potential for economic growth in the space sector (2013)

European Commission

Shared Vision and Goals

Joint statement on shared vision and goals for the future of Europe in space by the European Union and the European Space Agency (2016).


Europeans’ attitudes to space

2014 Eurobarometer on Europeans' awareness and expectations of space-based services and their opinion of the role that the EU should have in developing space activities and space exploration.

European Commission

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